What's New in GFI KerioConnect 10.0.3

Today, we're excited to introduce GFI KerioConnect 10.0.3. Responding to the feedback we received from many of you, this version brings key updates that significantly boost our system's functionality and compatibility.

What's New in GFI KerioConnect 10.0.3?

  • Integration with older KOFF versions: GFI KerioConnect now accepts connections from previous versions of KOFF, addressing compatibility issues with legacy versions of Microsoft Outlook. This is particularly beneficial for users reliant on these older versions, providing uninterrupted email service. Review this guide to learn how to enable this functionality.
  • KOFF now supports modern authentication in Outlook: The new version eliminates legacy login pop-ups, offering a more streamlined and secure user experience.
  • Resolved certification errors: We’ve fixed certification errors with Let's Encrypt certificates, bolstering the reliability and security of email communications.

As usual, this version is available for download in the GFI Upgrade Center, and a complete list of release notes is available on the website.